5 Minute Meditation for Peace of Mind & Stress Relief

5 Minute Meditation for Peace of Mind & Stress Relief

If you have a short time & searching for stress relief quickly? You should try this 5 minute meditation for peace of mind & Stress Relief. It will calm your nerves & mind, melt away your all the tensions.

If you are high on stress and pressed for time & have feeling like overwhelmed then don’t worry about how you are going to get over it. You can sit and relax once you read this article about 5 Minute Meditation because we are here for you. Must try this 5 minute meditation for peace of mind & stress relief. This meditation is mainly themed around acceptance, peace and calm.

Acceptance: Best stress reliever.

Acceptance Best stress reliever

Practice of acceptance in 5 Minute Meditation allows stress relief rather than generating more. Sometimes, type of feeling can come that you are doing opposite of what you really want to do. However, acceptance is a very effective strategy & method for feeling happier & more relaxed.

When you accept a situation or a person that you find difficult or challenging, then you will be able to let go of the resistance & reason that creates tension & stress.

Life can have a lot of situations that can cause stress. There can be a stressful call from home or relative. Or there can be an urgent work type situation in office that can cause tension or stress. So, you have to accept the challenges in order to avoid stress & it will also be helpful in 5 Minute Meditation.

How to handle stressing? Breathe & Accept

5 minute meditation How to handle stressing Breathe Accept

Don’t say to yourself that “I don’t want to be in tension or stress,” but you can say that, “I accept that I am much stressed & feeling angry at current situation or matter”.

Acceptance like this can reduce stress because it helps you to manage the inner emotions. The main source of stress is not the person or situation that you think is causing stress, it’s the emotion & feeling of the person or situation that is moving in you. If you try to deny or resist those feelings or distressing emotions, or try to ignore them, then maybe it will increase the stress. Acceptance can help to become in charge of your feelings & emotions, rather than your feelings & emotions being in charge. Then definitely you can get over stress easily. Also, it is a straight & quick way to get there.

Even a recently conducted study suggests that practice of acceptance can help to reduce the stress more than simple awareness of mind.

Acceptance is perspective & a Choice, not passivity.

Acceptance is perspective a Choice not passivity

We are not saying that you should become passive or we are not saying that you never make the effort to avoid / change something that is bothering & affecting you. Practice of acceptance can work more to give you extra space where you can proactively & easily respond to the person or situation rather than reacting to it. It can effectively & easily help to lower the levels & effects of stress.

Acceptance can really put you in driving seat. However, resistance can put the situation or other person in control of you. This practice of acceptance is often that allows being ready & able to make a change that is necessary. Accepting the reality & challenges of a hard & difficult situation can allow you to be open & can be helpful in 5 Minute Meditation. Also, this allows your own kindness & compassion that you have built in & your sense / wisdom to flow & equips you with control and power, strength and poise to deal with the situation or feeling gracefully.

Always remember that tension & stress is an unavoidable reality & part of life, but feeling tension, stress and suffering from it is optional.

Can practice of meditation help with acceptance?

5 minute meditation stress relieve

You can say that practice of acceptance is not simple or easy. We can agree with you. That is the point where meditation and breathing can help.

Meditation practice is accepting this current moment as it is. Also, your breath immediately will connect you to the current or present moment! 

A simple practice & exercise of taking deep breaths can boost your mind & give you the relief to clear the feeling of resistance. It will inculcate calmness, can connect you to the current moment, and give space to the acceptance.

Is 5 minutes Meditation is enough? What it is able do for you?

enough meditation

If you have a busy life at the moment & you can’t meditate for longer period then you can start with a 5 minute meditation practice for stress relief. Many meditators suggest that even 5 minutes of meditation daily can helps to:

  • clear mind
  • improve mood & mindfulness
  • boost function of brain, relieve stress
  • aging process slow down
  • have healthy metabolism

Some days in between, you may have some extra time for meditate more than 5 minutes, & other days you may have less time. Also, some days your mind can more wander while some days you may experience a big feeling of peace. Busier we are, the more we have to make time for these practices of peace & stillness.

Steps for a Quick 5 minute Meditation for Peace of mind

So, if you have short time for meditation, then 5 minute meditation is for you. So, below are the steps to implement this 5 Minute Meditation in your life:

Set Aside a Time-5 Minute Meditation

set aside a time

Set a timer for 5 minute, so you can be easy by not worry about doing meditation for ‘longer period.

Relax the Body

reduce stress

In this 5 Minute Meditation, you just need to close your eyes & relax. Just take some deep breaths in diaphragm & release all the tension & stress in the body. Focus on a 5 count breath:

  • Slowly inhale breath from the belly
  • Then breath into ribs
  • After that into chest
  • Then breath up into crown of head
  • After that gently hold your breath for the 5th count

Now, reverse this all procedure on the exhale. Do it for another count of 5 and then begin again this 5 Minute Meditation.

Also, try to visualize all the tension & stress leaving your body from your head to the feet, either as imagining that the stress & tension is literally draining from you through your toes or simply melting away.

You need to concentrate on the breath while you are imagining releasing the tension and stress.

Focus the Mind

Focus on breath

When you try to clear your mind then focus on ‘being’, and when thoughts & feelings enter your mind then gently acknowledge & accept them and let them go. Return your focus to the current moment again. If you mainly focus on how well you are doing this exercise of meditation that will become the focus.

Keep Going-5 Minute Meditation

keep going

Continue this meditation exercise for 5 minutes and return to feeling more refreshed & relaxed. Just focus on the sensations & feelings in your body. Just focus on your breath, or focus on letting the stress go. You need to do this 5 minute meditation exercise regularly, and you will feel more peace of mind.

Important Tips

We have a few additional tips for 5 Minute Meditation that can help you to make the most of your 5 minute meditation:

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Not try to get too focused
  • Play meditation music
  • Do frequent meditation
  • Try to do longer meditation sessions
  • Try to connect with almighty and be humble and grateful for what you have.

Listen to Meditation sounds & Music with a good pair of Headphones. We recommend some Coke Studio sessions of earlier seasons because some of them have the calming music which someone can relate, they also have subtitles if you need to understand. Here is the example:


5 Minute mediation can really give you peace of mind and stress relief if you do it right. We tried our best to guide you in this matter. We really hope that you will find peace, do well & be happy in your life.

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