Top Ten Gluten Free Foods that will surprise you

Top Ten Gluten Free Foods That Will Surprise You

A gluten free foods or diet is one that avoids eating foods that contain the protein called gluten. Wheat, barley and rye contain Gluten. Also, it is added to processed foods sometimes as a thickener or filler. For celiac problem or disease patients, eating the foods that contain gluten can damage the lining or small intestine’s internal structure. Which makes it very difficult and hard to absorb all the healthy nutrients.

There are so many other delicious and surprising foods that are free from gluten naturally . So, below is the list of top ten gluten free foods that may surprise you:

Quinoa-Gluten Free Foods

Quinoa iveals

Quinoa has become a famous food option as it is gluten free and for people looking for a nutritious grain alternative. Also, it is rich in portion of protein, fiber, and essential minerals. That makes it a nutrient-rich and satisfying food for any gluten-free diet. Quinoa is gluten-free diet naturally. So, people who has gluten intolerance they don’t need to worry about its cross contamination. Simply rinse the grain and add it to boiling water to cook it. 15 minutes it only takes to have a light and fluffy bowl of quinoa. Also, you can add it as as a without gluten binding agent to salads, soups, or even veggie burgers.

Soba noodles Gluten Free

Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are one of the top gluten free foods made from buckwheat in a traditional Japanese-style. They have nutty flavor which is rich, thin and slightly chewy. They are gluten-free naturally, due to their buckwheat base, so to a gluten-free diet, they make a great addition. Simply boil them in water for about 8 minutes to cook soba noodles. Once cooked, you can add them for a flavorful free of gluten meal to soups and stews or pair them with a delicious sauce.

Gluten Free Oats

Gluten Free Oats

Oats are a great option for people on a gluten free diet. Also, they’re high in fiber and other important nutrients like magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc. Oats are naturally gluten-free, but you should be aware that they can become contaminated during processing. This is why it’s important to make sure you buy oats labeled “gluten-free”, as these are specially processed to ensure no cross-contamination. To make gluten free oatmeal, combine your oats with milk or water and cook in the microwave. For a more filling breakfast, top with your favorite fruits, nuts or seeds.

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Gluten Free Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

These are gluten free naturally and are plant-based food. Also, you can have minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in it. It especially has beta-carotene, which is convertible to vitamin A in the body after eating. You can cook & eat gluten free sweet potatoes in many different and simplistic ways. It is a very versatile food. You can serve them as a gluten free side dish, roasted, mashed, baked or added to smoothies or salads.

Gluten Free Brown rice

Brown Rice

Brown Rice is another gluten free food & grain option and contains more fiber and nutrients than white rice. Also, it has a chewy texture and a nutty flavor. Which makes it a great alternative for traditional grains in many of your recipes. So, you need to simply rinse it and add it to boiling water to cook properly. It should take about 35 minutes, but for a more tender texture, you simmered it for longer.

Popcorn-Gluten Free Foods


Popcorn is a whole grain snack which is gluten free naturally . It’s a good source of fiber, which makes it a healthier alternative to other snack foods and has a lower glycemic index than other grains. So, to make popcorn, you can either buy plain popcorn kernels and pop them in hot oil or an air popper or purchase a convenient bag of prepared gluten free popcorn.

Gluten Free Teff Flour

Teff Flour Gluten Free Foods iveals

Teff flour is made from the ancient grain teff & is naturally gluten free food. It’s high in protein, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, it has a mild nutty flavor. For baking, as it has a light, delicate texture, it is a very good gluten-free flour option especially for celiac patients. You can also use it in savory dishes as a agent for thickening. It can be used as a alternative for common wheat flour in many recipes.



Amaranth is an ancient grain and gluten free food. It is native to the Americas. Also, it is an excellent source of important minerals like iron and magnesium. It is rich in protein. Amaranth is gluten-free naturally. You can cook it similar to quinoa by simply adding it to boiling water. It has a pleasant, nutty flavor once it cooked. You can serve it as a gluten free side dish or use as a substitution in baking recipes and can be added to salads.

Purslane-Gluten Free Foods


Purslane is an edible weed. It is known for its several health and other benefits. It is high in healthy fatty acids like Omega-3. Also, you can use and eat Purslane as a big source of vitamins and minerals. It contains the very important Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You can eat it raw. Also, you can add it to salads, or cooked like spinach. It has lemony taste which is slightly sour. It is often used as a garnish gluten free food.

Lentils-Gluten Free Foods

Lentils Gluten Free foods

Lentils are type of food which are gluten free food naturally . It is a gluten free food that actually based on plant. You can use or eat / cook as it is an excellent source of healthy fiber. Also, you can use lentils as big source of protein and iron It has potassium and magnesium. So, cook and eat lentils in a variety of different ways and methods. You can use lentils easily in stew, soups and casseroles. Even you can use lentils in vegetarian burgers. Moreover, they are very versatile in use. You can make a great addition to any healthy meal or food.


It is very hard to find and set a routine to have a gluten free food / diet. However, by having the right combination of diet and ingredients, you can cook your delicious, healthy and satisfying foods & meals. Also, above mentioned top gluten free foods are a healthy choice for celiac patients. It is also for those people who are searching to add variety and nutrition to their food and diet. So, lets try a few of these gluten-free healthy choices and see what surprises you can have with it!

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