How to do sleep meditation a step by step guide

Sleep Meditation Guide: Simple Steps

Meditation has so many benefits. It has benefits for both mind and entire body. Also, it can help to promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve sleep. Sleep meditation is kind of meditation that is explicitly designed to help anyone fall asleep and stay asleep. We have sleep meditation guide in simple steps for you.

You can get help for having trouble in sleep or insomnia. If you simply want to improve the quality of sleep in simple steps, then this article / blog is worth reading. So, this step-by-step guide by will show you how to do sleep meditation. After that, experience all of the benefits of sleep meditation for yourself.

The Benefits of Sleep Meditation

It can provide several benefits to the people who practice this meditation.

Improves Sleep Quality

sleep meditation

It definitely can help to improve the quality of sleep. It can also help to decrease the time of falling asleep.

Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Also, it can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It promotes relaxation. Additionally, a research has shown that sleep meditation can increase the amount of REM sleep someone gets. It is important for regulating mood and restoring energy levels.

Decrease Negative Thoughts

Decrease negative thoughts

Sleep meditation can also help decrease cognitive intrusive thoughts which can help improve performance and mood. In fact, some studies have shown that people who practice sleep meditation can have improvements in alertness, concentration and have productivity in the workplace.

How to Prepare for Sleep Meditation

Before the start of practicing sleep meditation, there are some things that you must do in order to correctly prepare.

Relax Position

Relax Position for sleep meditation iveals

Make sure first that you are going to do this in a good and relaxed position. This could mean lying down or sitting in a reclining chair. Additionally, the room should be free of any type interruptions such as noise, light or electronic devices.

Clarity of Mind

Clarity of mind

Clarity of mind is vital that and it must be free from any intrusive thoughts and worries. Next crucial thing is to set an intention for the session of sleep meditation. This means focusing on your desired outcome for the meditation which could be relief from stress or improved sleep quality.

Deep Breathing

Deep breath meditation

Once you have set your intention, it is important to practice deep breathing. It helps to slow down pumping rate of heart which allows the whole body to relax. Additionally, deep breathing can get the mind so many benefits. It can reduce tension. Also, it can improve focus on the task at your hand.

The Sleep Meditation Process

Once you have properly prepared for your sleep meditation session, there are a few steps that should be followed.

Focus on Breath

Focus on breath

First, begin by focusing on your breath and counting your inhalations and exhalations. It will keep the focus your attention on the current moment and clear the mind of any anxieties or similar thoughts.

Calming Thoughts

Calming Thoughts

Next, find something to focus on such as a mantra, a visualization or a calming thought. The idea is to keep the mind focused on this one particular thing and gently bring it back to it each time the mind wonders. This will help to create a calmness and sense of inner peace.

Focus on Body

Focus on body sleep meditation iveals

Finally, when you are ready to going asleep, your focus must be on your body. Starting from the head, lightly scan the body and relax each muscle one by one. You might even say a calming phrase such as ‘relax’ or ‘release’ for each muscle group as you go. So, this will help guide the body into a peaceful sleep.

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Important Tips for Getting Most from Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation can provide numerous benefits to those who practice it. However, you can get several tips. These amazing tips can make sure that you get the most from sleep meditation practice.

No Distractions-Sleep Meditation Guide

No Distractions

First, make sure you are not distracted while you practice to meditate. This means practicing in a quiet environment that is free from clutter and without any electronic devices.

Additionally, it is very important to get a calm meditation space. There you will be able to rest the body easily. Further, it is important to practice sleep meditation regularly and consistently. Meditation practice of any type, can take time to get used to it. If you practice more, better results will come.

Be Persistent-Sleep Meditation Guide

be persistent iveals

Finally, it is very vital and important to be patient. Be persistent with your meditation practice. Don’t get discouraged if your sessions don’t produce the desired results right away. Allow yourself time to adjust and progress with your practice.


Listen to Meditation sounds & Music with a good pair of Headphones. We recommend some Coke Studio sessions of earlier seasons because some of them have the calming music which someone can relate, they also have subtitles if you need to understand. Here is the example:


Sleep meditation is a powerful tool and practice for improving quality of sleep. It is also crucial for overall health and wellbeing. You can reduce stress, improve relaxation and promote an overall feeling of peace and calm. In order to get extra benefit from every session, it is very important to be prepared. You need to set an intention and practice it regularly. By following these tips, you can experience many powerful benefits that sleep meditation can bring.

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