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Best Widgets for Android – Latest Widgets

Widgets are small in size but very useful apps. You can place widgets on the screen of your Android devices. Best widgets for Android devices can be used to get the latest updates like weather or calendar. Also, top widgets for Android smartphones are used to get fast updates like weather, calendar, etc. Moreover, you can use these best widgets for Android for music and taking notes.

Many of these widgets are free of cost and easily available in the Play Store. Iveals has a list of the latest and the best Widgets for Android.

Chronus Information Widgets

Chronus Information best Widgets for Android iveals latest

This latest widget for Android can be a very useful source of information.  You can get all the information about the weather, news, fitness tracker, calendar, to-do list, and many more. You can place all of these on the main screen of your Android devices. So, you can get all the information at a glance on your screen.

Also, there is no need to install any other widget because it has all the features you need. It is a less power-consuming widget for Android. You can easily customize its settings. Also, you can change the color of the display, themes, and appearance. You can change how data will appear on the screen. It is a free-of-cost widget but you can get a subscription to avoid some ads and get some extra features.

Overdrop – Best Widgets for Android

Overdrop latest best widgets for Android

This is also the latest and the best widget for Android to get weather details. Also, you can get the weather forecast from minute to minute from its different servers. You can get the next 5 days’ forecast for free. Also, it can display the status of your Android device on the main screen. It is a free widget for Android.

Month: Calendar Widget

Month Calendar for Android

It is a collection of different types of widgets for calendars. It has more than 90 themes. Also, this best widget for Android has a launcher with so many amazing layouts and themes. You can check calendars, events, and birthdays along with a to-do list manager in this widget for Android. Also, it has support for the Lunar calendar. Moreover, this amazing Android widget is compatible with Google Calendar. So, there is no need to transfer data between the apps. It has more than 80 themes crafted by hand. This widget can easily integrate with any type & size of screen.

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TickTick:To-do list & Tasks

Tick Tick To Do List Manager best widgets for Android

This widget for Android is specially designed for a to-do list. It has different display styles. You can select a minimal calendar or a simple to-do list manager.

Also, the free version of this widget for Android allows only two reminders for one task. So, don’t worry about forgetting. This was awarded as the best to-do list widget and app of 2020 and its getting better with the time and latest updates.

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Google Keep – Notes and Lists – Best Widgets for Android

Google Keep notes and lists widget

To take notes, nothing is better than this best widget for Android. You can get your notes on your home screen and with easy access. It has two features like Quick Capture and note list. Also, it has a small bar with shortcuts to make image and text notes. Moreover, you can pin notes on your home screen. It has easy share option to share your notes with friends and family. It is a very lightweight and easy to use widget app for Android. You can quickly capture what’s on your mind and set a reminder for it to use that later.

Also, you can speak a voice memo and transcribe it automatically with this top widget for Android. You can get a picture of a poster, a document, or a receipt and get it organized easily with this widget. You can easily use your documents later. It is a free app and easily available in the Play Store. Overall, this is a must-have latest widget for your Android devices.


So, these are the best widgets for Android devices. These are the latest ones available in the market. Each widget has different features and styles. Choose and customize according to your needs. We hope that these widgets for Android will provide you a great ease in your work life.

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