Top Free coloring apps for Adults on MAC iveals

Top Free Coloring Apps for Adults on MAC in 2023

It’s always a refreshing & amazing experience when you give color to a drawing. Not only children enjoy it but also adults and users from different platforms enjoy this activity. So, MAC users, especially adults can enjoy coloring for free. Now they don’t have to buy the iPad for this. Also, it can help a lot to relieve the stress in adults. So, iveals have the list of top free coloring apps for adults on MAC OS.

Zen: Free Coloring Apps for Adults

#ivealsZen free coloring book for adults on mac iveals

There are not many coloring apps available for adults on MAC. Few amazing coloring apps available & Zen is one of them. You can find it without moving to the iPhone section of the app store. So, unlike other free coloring apps, you will not face any problems with compatibility.

Its interface is very simple & easy to use. Just like other coloring apps. Also, this free coloring app has many patterns, motifs & mandalas free of cost. It has soothing background music to get relief from stress. However, it has the option to use your own background music.


  • It is free.
  • Easy Interface.
  • Free mandalas & patterns.
  • Background music.


  • Sometimes daily mandalas disappear before you finish.
  • No going backward option.
  • Undo just 9 times.
  • No redo option.

User Rating: 4.3

Price: Free.

Epic Coloring Book for Adults

epic coloring book app for adults

Epic coloring apps for adults are pretty amazing. This coloring app is easily usable on MAC OS & specially designed for it. It has a rich & simple interface with categories.

Also, you can easily select options like eyedropper, navigation, shaders, zooming & color palette. In this free version, you can use the dinosaurs, owl & mandalas category. Moreover, in this top free coloring app for adults, 100 images are free to use.


  • Free version available.
  • Especially designed for MAC interface.
  • Use of 100 images is free.
  • Background music on-off option.
  • Up to 30 coloring sheets in it & 20 coloring pages.
  • Download in the format of JPG, PNG, or PDF.
  • Create your own color palette.


  • All options are not available in the free version.
  • Categories are limited.
  • Have to purchase in-app for extras.

User Rating: 4.4

Price: Free

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PiXX – Paint by Number Game

PiXX - Paint By Number Game

It is actually a multiplayer coloring game for MAC & it’s amazing to know. You can play as single-player, multiplayer with randoms or you can play with family & friends. So, in this coloring game for adults, you can use a number guide. With this guide, you can color the pictures by every pixel. Also, this coloring app offers a lot of beautiful pixel art to color in single-player mode.


  • App is free.
  • Unique idea of coloring game.
  • Play with family & friends.
  • Single-player option.


  • Has ads.
  • For full features you need to get the premium version.
  • Sometimes it freezes or crashes.

User Rating: 4.6

Price: Free

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Polygon- Top Free Coloring Apps for Adults on MAC

Polygon coloring apps for adults

Polygon is a very modern top free coloring app for adults on MAC OS. Its interface is loaded with an unlimited collection of photos & images generated by polygons. Also, this top free coloring app for adults has an engaging reward system, events & animations. This keeps the users of this coloring app engaged. So, you may feel addicted to this amazing coloring app. You can get achievements & badges as a reward for it & that will give you a sense of pride.

Also, this top free coloring app for adults has a very good system of files. All of your files are stored in the gallery for later use.


  • Unlimited collection of photos.
  • Reward system.
  • Good storage system.


  • Full tools are not available in the free version.
  • Sometimes it looks shady.
  • Use more storage.
  • Crashes sometimes.
  • Dark mode is not available in the free version.

User Rating: 4.8

Price: The paid version Costs $15.99.


In MAC, there are not many options for top free coloring apps for adults. However, selection of these apps by iveals will be enough. Also, these are good for stress relief. Your kind feedback is requested in this regard.

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