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Screen recording apps for Linux are not easy to find. These apps are essential to have on Linux or any other device nowadays. You can record your desktop or screens for YouTube or any other platform.

So, iveals have the list of Top Screen Recording Apps for Linux. Also, all of these screen recorder apps are free and open source.

OBS Studio

OBS App for Linux iveals

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is one of the Top Screen Recording apps for Linux. This app is mainly used for advanced tools and for recording screens & videos. You can record professional videos with OBS. Its configuration and setup are not very complicated. It has many features & tools that you can set according to your needs.

Moreover, it has tools for audio modifications. You can edit videos, change the color of videos, alter the size, etc. You can change the video format. The online forum is available for guidance.

Installation Guide is available here.


Vokoscreen recording apps for linux iveals

You can easily record videos with this screen recorder app. You can record in full-screen mode or selective area mode even with a webcam. Also, MP4 and AVI formats are supported by this screen recording app.

You can set the duration of the recording. Also, you can add the delay at the start or at the end to hide details that are unnecessary. A user support guide is available.


  • Multiscreen
  • Magnifying glass
  • Systray
  • Camera
  • Timer
  • Audio
  • Showclick
  • Countdown
  • Global keyboard shortcuts
  • Halo
  • Snapshot
  • Built-in Video player

recordMyDesktop – Screen Recording Apps for Linux

Record my Desktop for Linux

This screen recording app for Linux / Ubuntu is a command line and a very powerful tool. It has many features and tools for screen recording like you can add annotations and highlighting any part of the video. Also, this screen recorder app is very simple & easy to use. This app has two different modes for screen recording. It is a lightweight app and gives a seamless experience even if you have old devices. For better performance, you can add lightweight distros. Moreover, audio files from the computer can be added to it.

Peek – Screen Recording Apps for Linux

Peek screen recorder

This screen recorder is also a very good tool for making short videos like GIFs. You can change video formats in this app.

Like other apps, you can record a specific area or the full screen. Also, at the start, you can add delay. Frame rates can be changed. It is a small but top-quality screen recorder app for Linux.


So, iveals shared this list of the top Screen Recorder Apps for Linux. It is hard to find useful apps with maximum benefits these days. We are sharing this list with the hope that you will enjoy these suggestions and they will be a good help in capturing your screens. Do not forget to submit your reviews about our efforts and your experiences in this regard. Tell us in the comments section or email us at Team iveals is always here to give support on your queries.

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