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Camera Apps for Linux | Top Webcam Apps

Hardware needs the right software to work properly. Just like a webcam that requires suitable software to show you a good picture or video. There are many webcams and their software is available, but camera apps for Linux are not easy to find. Without these top webcam apps, you may not get the desired results. Webcams are a basic need nowadays, you can live stream, take photos, or make video calls. So, we have a solution in this regard, especially for Linux users. We have a list of Camera apps for Linux, these are possibly the Top Webcam apps for Linux OS.

Webcamoid | Camera Apps for Linux

#Camera apps for Linux webcamoid iveals

This camera app is free for Linux. You can use this camera app as a Webcam and record your videos. Also, you can use this camera app with a multi-camera setup. This app for Linux has special tools for custom controls. So, it will be easy for you to manage all of the cameras in one go.

Moreover, this top camera app for Linux has a lot of formats for video recordings. Plus, it has a virtual camera or webcam. It will be helpful when you want to get a recording or video for any other program.

If you need some effects, this webcam camera app for Linux has a lot of different effects like blur, cartoon, pixelated, and color filters. So, these effects and filters can be used on videos and photos. Also, you can add plugins to it to increase its functionality.

You can easily install it on Linux by using the following method:

How to Install Webcamoid for Linux:

First, on Debian or Ubuntu, open the terminal:

webcamoid installation

Use the below-given code on Arch Linux:

webcamoid camera apps for linux installation


  • Its interface is easy for users.
  • Better performance.
  • Has better support.
  • Totally Free.


  • For new users of Linux, installation can be difficult.
  • Design may seem weird to new users.

Kamoso Camera Apps for Linux – Top Webcam Apps

Kamoso camera app for linux

It is a QT-based webcam app for Linux. This camera app allows you to get screenshots. You can record videos from the external webcam or the default Webcam.

It’s easy to use even for new users with a simple interface and tools. It has some unique features like capture mode which is also called the burst mode. With a single click, you can take many screenshots. Also, this camera app for Linux has a lot of amazing effects for photos and videos.

It has several tools to capture. You can share videos and images through its sharing options.

Installation instructions for Linux:

Kamoso 1

For Debian and Ubuntu:

kamoso 2


  • This camera app is safe to use.
  • Back-end support is good.


  • Using it may be a problem for new users.

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Cheese – Top Camera Apps for Linux

Cheese webcam apps for Lunix iveals

This camera app for Linux is easy for the system and does not take much resources. Also, this app is installed on Ubuntu by default and is open source. So, you can record videos and get screenshots easily on Linux. It has a timer for the countdown before you get the image. Also, it allows you to prepare for the perfect photo.

Like other camera apps for Linux, it has its unique effects. You can use these effects on images or videos.


For Debian:

Cheese camera apps for linux top iveals

For Fedora, SantOS or RHEL:

On others, you can get and install this camera app through Snap. Run the below command to check if you installed the Snap on Computer:

cheese 2

If this command gives the number of its version, then you have Snap. Then you can go to the next step for installing. Otherwise, you have to get Snap and run the command mentioned below to install this camera app for Linux:

cheese 3



This Camera app for Linux is an open-source webcam app. This webcam app has a lot of unique and very useful features. It lets you capture images from the webcam or you can capture from another camera placed on another location.

Moreover, the main feature of this Webcam app is that you can get the name of the location and name of the file of your choice. You can use the default string or can change the setting.

Moreover, this webcam app has an automatic screenshot feature. So, you can use this option to specify the time you want to get the image in minutes and you don’t have to press the button manually.

Also, you can make custom settings of the image like hue color, brightness, or white balance, etc and you can have full control over the image.

Camorama Installation- Camera Apps for Linux:

It’s easy to install from Tar.gz format. Get the source code from the given link. Follow the instructions given on Camorama’s GitHub.

After that, open the terminal and open the Downloads folder. Use the cd command and Is command for it. Unzip the file using the command given below:

tar -xzvf camorama-0..x.x.tar.gz

Go to the Camorama folder using the cd command and run the following command:

sudo make install

If you get an error after doing all this, then go to the Github link and download the dependencies of the build. Use the right commands for Linux.


  • Unique features like name & location.
  • You can change the settings of the image and colors
  • This webcam app has an automatic screenshot feature.


  • Sometimes installation of this webcam app can be difficult.
  • You need to download the source code of this app.

QtCAM – Camera Apps for Linux


This is also an open source webcam app. You can record videos or get images with an internal as well as an external camera. The main thing is you can connect up to 6 cameras with this webcam app for Linux. Also, you can simultaneously livestream.

The interface of this webcam app is easy & simple. All the main tools are available on the main screen. So, after selecting the capture device, you can change settings like frame rate, etc to take videos and images.

Also, this webcam/camera app for Linux / Ubuntu has multiple capture options. It includes RAW. You can select a variable input device in this app rather than your default microphone for the sound. So, record the good quality sound by using an external microphone.


Run the given command on Debian / Ubuntu:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:qtcam/focal

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install qtcam

For other distro, you can make or build from the source. Just clone or copy the GitHub repository:

get clone

Just follow the instructions on the link to make the webcam app for your Linux PC.


  • Simple interface.
  • Features are effective.
  • Multiple capture tool.
  • An external microphone can be used for recording.


  • You have to make the app on your Linux PC if it is not correctly installed.

OBS Studio

OBS App for Linux iveals

This is a famous and very useful webcam & livestream camera app. Also, OBS is an open-source webcam app like other camera apps for Linux. It has a lot of high quality audio & video tools. These tools make OBS a very unique & powerful webcam / livestream camera app.

Moreover, separate scenes can be made from several sources. You can make videos from different cameras at the same time. Also, it has support for many famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. OBS has script & plugin support. You can make your own scripts for your desired outcome.

OBS Installation:

For Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

sudo apt update

sudo apt install obs-studio

On other Linux platforms, get on Flathub.


  • Powerful & unique capture tool.
  • Support many scenes at a time.
  • Multiple input support.


  • A good spec PC required for it.
  • New users may find it difficult.

Closing Remarks:

So, an effective app for camera can change and improve the captured videos or images and enhance the recordings experience. We hope that these best camera apps for Linux works well for you.

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