Health and Fitness Apps for iOS and Android iveals

Health and Fitness Apps for iOS and Android

In today’s busy world, maintaining health and fitness is a challenging task. Health and Fitness Apps can help a lot in this regard. Finding good Health and Fitness apps is not an easy task. So, in this article by iveals, we will discuss the best health and fitness apps for iOS and Android devices. You can use these apps in your daily workout routine and stay fit.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking for Android and iOS

#iveals Google Fit Health and Fitness Apps for iOS iPhone Android free top best

It is a very famous app. This app keeps your health data in one place. If you have a Google account, then it will be very easy to use.

Set your activity goals at the start. These goals include a number of steps in a day and Heart Points for heart rate. Moreover, this health and fitness app for iOS and Android can interact with other health activity apps.

You can monitor the heart rate by using the camera by putting your finger on the camera in this health and fitness app. Also, this app can monitor sleep habits and breath rate. Overall, it’s a very good app for your health and fitness routine.

Seven App – 7 Minute Workout – Android / iOS

Seven Health and Fitness apps for ios and android

It is also one of the best apps for iOS and Android. You can easily adjust this app with your busiest schedule. At the start, set a goal and select an animated figure, after that, select days for the exercise. According to the given data, this health and fitness app will make a workout plan suitable for you.

The animated figure that you selected earlier will give instructions about the workout and voice notes to inform you about the next workout with a countdown. You can do different exercises in just 7 minutes with this health and fitness app. Every type of plan consists of a duration of 30 seconds.

Also, when you give feedback about exercise, this app will adjust the difficulty according to that. This health and fitness app has a chart for the progress. Moreover, its library has a challenge of 30 days for specific body parts. So, you can select the plan of your own choice and ease of doing.

Medito App: Meditation & Sleep App for Android / iOS

Medito apps for meditation iveals

This is a free and famous health and fitness app for iOS and Android. This app contains a big & useful library of health and fitness content. New users can also use it easily.

Moreover, this health and fitness app has a timer for meditation. This app has a section dedicated to a sound & better sleep. It has a beginner’s guide for mindfulness and meditation. It has a central theme for stress relief and low mood. Also, its display has a calming effect.

This health and fitness app can do body scans and visualizations. It has an ad-free version with an amazing design. Also, it is a fully guided application.

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Dumbbell Workout App for Android – Health and Fitness Apps

Dumbbell workout apps for iOS and Android

It is also quite a famous application. This application is for those who want to get training and strength at home. You need to sign up first and then select a plan as per your level of experience.

Before starting the workout, its duration will be displayed and how you will do it. Also, you can choose the total dumbbells weight. After pressing the start, just follow the animated character to do the exercise. Every plan has 30 days duration. This app has three different levels of difficulty. Paid version is available to avoid ads.

Strava Health and Fitness Apps: Ride, Run, Hike for Android / iOS

Strava run hike bike health and fitness apps

This app has more than 50 million downloads. This health and fitness app is liked the most in the market. It has support for hiking / cycling, running & many other activities along with other features. It has many other robust features. Also, you walk can be recorded in it.

You can also explore nearby places with this health and fitness app to compete with others on a local route. So, this feature makes this app unique from other apps.


Caring about your health and fitness should be the priority for you. Selecting the right app for this is important. We hope that this article about the best Health and Fitness apps will help a lot.

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