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What is Blockchain? Benefits, Applications & Challenges

Blockchain technology is one of the most significant & important technological innovations of current times. It is a decentralized & distributed technology of ledger. Also, it allows secure & transparent transactions without the requirement & need for intermediaries. So, in this article by iveals.com, we will explore what is blockchain, how it works / its applications, benefits and challenges.

What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain technology by iveals

It is a digital ledger technology. It is used to store & record transactions in a secure / transparent manner. Also, this technology was invented by unknown person / group of people, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, to power the digital currency called Bitcoin. However, since then, blockchain has found applications beyond cryptocurrencies.

How Does Blockchain Work?

This technology works by making a chain of blocks. These blocks store transaction data in a secure and tamper proof manner. So, each block in the chain includes a unique digital signature. This signature is called a hash, that connects this block to the previous block in the chain. So, this process forms a chain of blocks, so the name blockchain.

Applications of Blockchain

Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain has its wide range of applications which spread across many different industries. Its industries include:


It is best known for its role in enabling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & others.

Supply Chain Management:

Also, it can be used to create a transparent and secure supply chain by tracking products from the source to the consumer.


It can be used to store & share medical records securely & in a tamper proof manner.

Real Estate:

It can be used to create a transparent and secure real estate registry by recording property ownership and transactions.

Benefits of Blockchain

This Blockchain technology has several benefits & advantages, which make it an attractive choice for businesses / individuals. So, below are a few:

Blockchain Security:

It uses cryptographic algorithms to ensure the safety / security of transactions, making it highly secure & fool proof.


It allows transparent transactions, these transactions can be audited in real time. So, that makes it highly transparent.


It eliminates the requirement for intermediaries, which reduces transaction costs & increase efficiency.


Also, Blockchain is a decentralized technology. It means that there is no authority in centre who is controlling it. This makes Blockchain tech. highly strong & resilient to attacks.

Challenges of Blockchain

chellenges of Blockhain

This Blockchain technology has so many advantages & benefits, it also has several challenges. So, here are a few:

Scalability of Blockchain:

So, it can be slow & expensive, which makes it challenging to scale.

Regulation of Blockchain:

It is a new technology that is not yet fully regulated. It can create uncertainty and doubts for individuals & businesses.

Energy consumption:

Its mining consumes a significant amount of energy, leading to environmental concerns.


Also, it is a new and complex technology making it difficult for businesses and individuals to adopt it.


So, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we store / process & record transactions. While, it comes with several challenges, the benefits / advantages of this Blockchain technology cannot be ignored. Also, as blockchain continues to evolve, it will be interesting that how it will shape the future.

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