Top Animation Apps for Android, PC, iOS, Mac & iPad

Top Animation Apps for Android, PC, iOS, Mac & iPad

Top Animation apps allow artists to add animation & motion to their works of art. Videos with animation, GIFs, and animated images are popular nowadays. You can get any type of audience by making animation with these top animation apps for Android, iOS & iPad because they have so many tools and options. So, the business of making animation with these animation apps is booming & you can get your fair share from it. Let’s get into these professional & top animation apps and learn about them.

Procreate Animation App for iPad:

Top Animation apps Procreate

It’s a whole new way to make animation on the new iPad Pro with Apple pencil. It has a lot of new hover features which include Gallery Previews, Brush Cursor, Brush Size, Selections, Opacity Gestures, and many more.

Pros & Features:

Enhanced Brush Cursor

Also, it has an enhanced brush cursor that is made to blend easily & beautifully with your piece of art. Now in it, you can see a preview with full colors before beginning your stroke. So, you can see how you’re going to erase even before starting your work on canvas. Also, hover over your artwork for on-the-fly brush control, here, you can adjust the opacity and size with intuitive gestures.

ColorDrop-Top Animation Apps

Procreate animation apps for iPad’s feature of ColorDrop becomes very quick and fluid with hover as you attach or link color to your Apple Pencil. You can do it before dropping it on your canvas unlimited times or as you want.

Freehand Selection

Freehand selection is very simple and easy with Procreation animation apps. Now it’s more accurate because when you Hover with Apple Pencil on it, procreate previews your next step. It’s 3D Painting is more responsive which makes the creative experience smoothest yet.

3D Models

Procreate M2

Finishing 3D Models is fun and easy. Procreate’s brush engine is very powerful and you can create truly gorgeous & amazing textures. Moreover, you can handcraft your own textures & maps and then light them, export them, or you can even bring them to life in AR.

Cons:-Top Animation Apps

  • No high resolutions
  • Gets slower when you create more.

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Stop Motion Studio for Android, PC, iOS, iPad, Mac:

Stop Motion Studio animation apps

If you want to create animation movies like Wallace and Gromit or want to make those groovy Lego shorts, especially for YouTube? This top animation app is a complete package for making animated movies. It has a user-friendly interface and very powerful tools for editing, you can bring your art & imagination to reality. Also, you can export & share your creations with others. This animation maker app is a whole bundle for both professionals & beginners. Stop Motion Studio animation app is the best & top tool for creating amazing animations.

Pros & Features of this top Animation App

  • Capture with automatic or manual control.
  • Shoot in 4k.
  • Use your digital camera with advanced camera controls.
  • Desktop-class movie editing with a unique frame-by-frame view.
  • Make Animation with In and Out Points easily.
  • Composition guides for perfect positioning.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Paint like traditional canvas
  • Get rid of extra or unwanted objects in your movie magically.
  • Turn good-looking pictures into spectacular.
  • A unique & powerful tool to design beautiful title screens & credit screens.
  • vast collection of stunning effects.
  • Default feature of chroma key & green screen.
  • Add Facial Expressions to LEGO figures
  • This animation app allows to use of a second device or camera remotely. So, you can use your mobile phone as a camera & control it remotely.
  • Share & Export.


  • Time-Consuming.
  • Lac of Templates & pre-made designs.

Overall, it’s a complete package for making animations professionally.

Picsart – Top Animation Apps – GIF & Video | iOS, iPad, Mac


Now you can make amazing animations with the newest version of Cartoon Maker from Picsart. Making Animations are very easy now with Picsart Animator. The animation maker & cartoon maker is designed for ease of use and to get maximum benefit & functionality. You can make cartoon videos and animated GIFs very easily even if you are a beginner. You can do all these amazing things on your phone. Also, you can make funny cartoons and videos. Moreover, there are no advanced drawing skills required for it.

Pros & Features of this top animation app:

  • Draw frame-by-frame animations
  • See the animation timeline with play mode
  • Use frames management and duplication
  • You can draw on images and can make animated selfies
  • Get advanced drawing and sketching tools
  • Use multi-layering for complex animations
  • Control Animation length and speed
  • You can easily save as a GIF or video. Also, you can share to social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Add music to your animations.


  • Glitches sometimes.
  • Miss some main features that are available in Procreate.
  • No blend tools.
  • Layers don’t zoom well sometimes.

FlipaClip – Top Animations Apps for Android, iOS, PC

Flipap Clip Top Animation Apps for android iOS Mac PC iPhone

You can unleash & explore the power of your imagination & check your unique animation style with this animation app. This top animation app provides you with the right tools, options & platform to bring your ideas to reality.

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Pros & Features-Top Animation Apps

It’s a very good tool for aspiring animators & beginners to check & explore their creativity. They can make animated videos and GIFs easily. Also, you can make expressive characters as well as whimsical storytelling or captivating visual graphics & effects. This top animation app empowers you for animation. Also, it makes easy to do animations that truly reflect vision & creativity of you. Moreover, it unlocks true imagination in you & embarks on a journey with unique & endless possibilities.


  • Even with premium, you have to buy sound effects separately.
  • Bugs come up when you work longer.
  • When you copy-paste a couple of times, it will remove the frame.

Adobe Express Animation apps for PC, Android & iOS

Adobe Express make animation

Adobe Express is also one of the top animation apps for PC, Android and iOS. This animation app of Adobe has a free version & a paid version. This animation app for PC, Android & iOS lets you create & share standout flyers, social graphics, logos, invitations, labels, posters, business cards and many more.

Pros & Features

  • Drag and drop or add Adobe stock videos and music.
  • Drag and Drop your PDFs to make interesting styles, designs, and fonts.
  • Teamwork in real-time.
  • Build a brand with its ready-to-add logos and designs.
  • Has a free version.

Cons-Top Animation Apps

  • Images may lose quality when you add.
  • Some part of the graphics may move their location sometimes when you export.
  • When you rotate the image it’s hard to get it straight.


Making animation & sharing it is more of a fun activity when you have the right tools to make these. Iveals has provided you with the list of Top Animation Apps for PC, Android, iOS, Mac, and iPhone. We hope & wish that they work well with their own unique tools and features.

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