Top Animation Movies of 2023 – Best Upcoming Cartoon Movies

Top Animation Movies of 2023 – Best Upcoming Cartoon Movies

The year 2023 has been great for top animation movies & best cartoon movies. Also, it is even looking better with new upcoming animation movies like Ninja Turtles.

Work of animation movies isn’t slowing down anymore. There are so many top animated movies are coming in the year of 2023. These movies will cover different type of genres. Also, these will feature a blend of adaptations of some famous franchises & original ideas. So, we have a list of top upcoming animation movies & these are going to be released in 2023.

How Do You Live?

Top Animation Movies of 2023 – Best Upcoming Cartoon Movies How Do You Live

How Do You Live? Is an upcoming animation movie by the famous Studio Ghibli. It is a highly-anticipated film and is inspired by the favorite director of fans Hayao Miyazaki to come out of retirement in back in 2016 to helm the adventure of animation. In this newest creation of hallowed studio will portray & show the psychological & emotional transformation of experiences of a young boy after he loses his father. However, any more details of plot and cast has been kept tightly secret.

Justice League: Warworld

Justice League Warworld top animation movies cartoon movies

It has a fantastic ensemble cast for voice which includes Matt Bomer, Jensen Ackles, and Stana Katic. This action-adventure animation movie Justice League: Warworld will follow the most loved superheroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. In this movie they will find themselves in different universes. In that universe they must fight their way in a brutal battle against lethal foes in the hope of saving the planet entirely and grant them freedom.

This new top animation movie is actually follow-up to Legion of Super-Heroes. This wash debuted earlier this year of 2023 to a positive fare of fans. This movie will likely be darker and more intense & violent than past releases of DC.

The Monkey King-Top Animation Movies

The Monkey King

This movie is inspired by Chinese novel Journey to the West in the 16th-century. It is Netflix’s original upcoming animated movie. It will mainly focus on the eponymous hero where he faces off against a King of Dragon & other 100 plus dangerous & difficult adversaries. He will fight with the help of his magical fighting stick which he trusts. Along this journey, the Monkey, often selfish, finally realizes his negative methods & ways when a brave girl of village challenges his choices & methods. This cause him to reflect on his ego and pride which is all-consuming. The inspiring animation movie will feature voice of all Asian cast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem

Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael are heroes in a half shell & became peak in pop culture icons of 80s. It all started off as a famous strip of comic. It quickly became famous animated series on TV.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans can rest assured about this latest animation movie is already in good hands. The producers of movie, Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen are TMNT fanatics. They have promised to do justice with this animation movie. The marketing & voice actors for this have been received positively. This top animation movie could be a big surprise hit of this season.

The Inventor-Top Animation Movies

The Inventor animation movie

Leonardo da Vinci is a visionary, inventor & revered painter. This animation movie is chronicling of his life. He travels from his country of Italy to the French court. In Italy, he worked on many designs that are groundbreaking & contraptions. Also, the Inventor movie highlights the deep & thoughtful impact of this gifted polymath has on the world. Also, it appreciates his overall legacy & genius. Its voice cast is exceptional which is led by Marion Cotillard, Stephen Fry & Daisy Ridley. The stop-motion picture is already portrayed breathtaking screenplay & visuals to audience. They also competed for Best Feature Film at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

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PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie

PAW Patrol The Mighty Movie

The adorable rescue & search pups are back in PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. It will follow the patrol dogs because after an enchanted meteor crashes, they are given superpowers & it causes them to receive special type of gifts. Skye, Chase, & the other rest of the brave & powerful canines fellows must face off against the evil Mayor Humdinger & to protect their powers not to be used for evil. It is a sequel to 2021’s movie and the famous television series of Canada. Also, it has a voice cast full of stars which include Kim Kardashian, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Rock & Kristen Bell.

Trolls 3: Trolls Band Together

Trolls 3 Trolls Band Together

Beginning the journey of life as biggest toy fads from the late-50s & going through to the 90s, these trolls with wacky-hair have evolved & grown into the stars. They become stars for one of the biggest & famous animation franchises of world. The original 2016 animated movie was a success and its sequel in 2020 they’ll be hitting on the big screen once again this year of 2023 in which is sure to be an explosion of music & color.

So, the plot looks like to involve reconnecting of Branch with his brothers who are long-lost and they were all once together as a boy band.

Wish-Top Animation Movies of 2023

wish top animation movie

It was released during 100th anniversary of Disney. This top animation movie follows young Ashna which is voiced by Ariana DeBose. She struggles hard to overcome the most difficult & tough foes to save her community in the Rosas kingdom. She will do it with a little help which came from some good old style magic. The movie looks like one of Disney’s most exciting projects of animation in a long time. Also, it is heard to be full of Easter eggs & those are related back to the earlier classics of Disney. Moreover, the style of art is looks like a hybrid combination of traditional 2D & CGI of modern age.

Chicken Run (Dawn of the Nugget) – December 2023

Chicken Run (Dawn of the Nugget)

The original Chicken Run released 20 years ago. It is a unique brand of Aardman & its quirky. Sometimes its irreverent humor can be champing at the bit to get this sequel of much-anticipation. Chicken Run’s new version will allow its audiences to get with Rocky & Ginger after their adventurous escape from the farm of chickens. Life seems to be easy & complete for them until they learn of a plot that is deadly to turn hundreds of chickens to chicken nuggets for eating. So, came into action to save the chickens.

Also, new voices added as Thandiwe Newton & Zachary Levi. They will be taking over from voice cast from Mel Gibson & Julia Sawalha as the voices of Rocky & Ginger respectively.

High in the Clouds

High in the Clouds

High in the Clouds is children’s book by Phillip Adargh and musician Paul McCartney was published in 2005 to great acclaim. This book tells the epic story of a squirrel which is young & left without a family & home. So, as he went on a perilous & unsafe journey into the wilderness. It is to reach the sanctuary of animal. It is a perfect & unique adaptation for animation movies. The animation movie has been in the process of development since 2013. However, positive news came as it has been reported that Netflix is getting up with Gaumont Films to produce & make the movie, which is expected to release later this year of 2023. However, exact date for this top animation move has not been announced yet.

Migration -December 2023


It is Illumination studio’s 16th feature film. This studio made famous by Gru & his crew of small yellow Minions. Well, about the movie, not much known yet, except that Migration movie is a family adventure & comedy based on a duck family who try to persuade their father who is overprotective to go on the lifetime vacation. Also, this franchise has a proven track record they keep their fans of animated movies on their radar.

Escape from Hat – Top Animation Movies of 2023

Escape from Hat #top animation movies cartoon movies upcoming

When it comes to top animation movies, Netflix is the actual force now a days to be reckoned with originals. This cartoon movie actually based on the book of children & has same name. It is written by Adam Kline. Also, it has a really imaginative premise. It follows a rabbit on a quest which is quite impossible to escape from a magician’s hat & tries to return to his family of human. It is directed by Mark Osborne who is famous for The Little Prince fame & Kung Fu Panda. So, it’s safe to say that the project is already in good hands. However, a very little info is available about it and its date of release has not announced yet.

Final Words:

So, animation Movies & cartoon movies are fun watch for both the kids and adults. We hope that you will enjoy these Top Animation Movies listed above and have fun.

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