How to Change Twitter Icon & other Apps on Android 2023

How to Change Twitter Icon & other Apps on Android 2023

Recently Twitter has changed completely and the most change that is noticeable is its new logo, and that is a simple ‘X’. Weh will show you how to change Twitter icon and other apps icon on your android devices in 2023.

This new logo loved by many who says that it’s a more minimalist & modern design while the majority of the users of twitter hate it. They say that its boring & have personality lack.

Icon of Twitter app on Android updated to ‘X’

Twitter has updated app icon recently which is simple ‘X,’ on android OS. However, many Twitter users on android expressed their displeasure for the new icon ‘X’.

The main reason that is circling among the Twitter users is that the icon is less appealing & ugly. For many others, this new icon is not suitable for the Twitter brand.

Feedback is very negative on Twitter & other social media platforms & it is vocal & swift. Users are raising their voice against this new Twitter icon and concerns about it. Some even suggested to uninstall the Twitter app if the icon is not changed because they have emotional attachment with the earlier icon of Twitter.

Also, implementation of X icon seems to be inconsistent. Some users are got the X icon but their app is still named Twitter. Many while other users are getting both the new X icon and the name ‘X’.

How to change Twitter icon to classic blue bird

How to Change Twitter Icon & other Apps on Android 2023

It is surprising to know that many users are searching for methods to revert or change the twitter app icon to the old classic blue bird icon. So, if you want to change Twitter icon then perform following steps:

  1. The original Twitter app with the original icon must be installed on the android phone. If you updated Twitter app and its icon already changed to X, then you can uninstall the app and download the APK file of a previous version of Twitter app safely from here.
  2. Now you need to install app that generates shortcuts or icons. You can download (Any Icon) & that is recommended. It will generate shortcuts without water mark or branding from the app creator. However, it may show some ads during the process.
  3. Now find with search box to get the classic old blue bird Twitter icon by typing ‘Twitter’ in it.
  4. The any icon app will send you to the screen of ‘icon editing’, but you don’t have to do anything extra just press ‘Option 2’ (in the right upper side of the user interface), that will give you the option to insert or add the classic old Twitter icon on your home screen.
  5. Finally, you just need to click on accept option to place Twitter icon shortcut on your android home screen. Also, can have the old classic Blue Bird Twitter icon on your android forever. You can keep it even if they update Twitter application (Its icon will be separated so you can delete it from android home screen).


Although, with the change of Twitter icon on home screen, the internal elements of user interface cannot be changed. So, you will have to get used to it.

Also, you need to keep the any icon app that is used to make the new Twitter icon. Uninstalling this any icon app will result in the new X Twitter logo come back again.

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