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iOS 17 Apple’s New Update & Features | Is it Worth to Try?

Apple just released its new software update, iOS 17 on Monday. iOS 17 includes a lot of new options & features for the fans. These features include some changes to FaceTime, voicemail, and many more. Getting & installing that update of iOS 17 will be very easy for many iPhone users.

There is a lot of hype and discussion about live voice mail transcription & FaceTime messages, and the StandBy Mode but, there are some things that need to be considered before upgrading to iOS 17.

Check the Storage of your iPhone:

iOS 17 iPhone Storage features

Check the storage first. This update of iOS 17 can take up several gigabytes of space on your iPhone.

Following this update of iOS, there are other updates coming on older versions that have some fixes of security & bugs. So, it could be the reason that many users will not update to the new iOS 17 immediately.

Battery Consumption for iOS 17 update:

iOS17 Apple battery consumption iveals

According to CNET, the iOS 17 update may increase the consumption of battery. The reason for that may be device keeps working in the background to index your files and to include new features of iOS 17 so it can work properly. Also, it is normal to happen during the process & in the early days of the update. Moreover, it can happen due to the non-compatibility of some old apps.

Other Features of iOS 17:

Features of #iOS 17 by iveals

As per the website of Apple, some apps of iPhone like Journal apps aren’t currently available but they will be available in a future update.

However, there are some tools & features that may not be available for the users with older phones. So, you may need to change your iPhone too because iOS 17 is not supported for older devices.

So, you can have your own reasons to get or decline the update of iOS 17 but for many users of iPhone, it is good to update the iOS. There are a lot of other features in iOS 17 like:

  • Contacts AirDrop
  • Transcribing of Live voicemail
  • A new method for using Siri
  • StandBy mode feature. If you need a smart clock, don’t worry, this feature will provide a smart clock option by using this update.
  • iOS 17 has most up-to-date protections & security.

So, to enjoy all these features of the iOS 17 update from Apple, get the update ASAP but must consider the things mentioned in this article. Do enlighten us about your experience of using iOS 17 by commenting below & we are looking forward to it.

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