The VR world has rapidly developed in recent times. So, there are a lot of VR Apps (Virtual Reality Apps) available in the market. These VR apps can vary in performance, tools and interests. It is very important to select the right and Top VR Apps for your devices. In this article by iveals, we present the Top VR Apps that you should try.

Within – Top VR Apps

Within VR - Cinematic Virtual Reality iveals

This top VR app has a very high-quality content from the creators of Virtual Reality around the world. Also, it has different animations, award winning documentaries in VR and cartoons, music videos. You can get content from many news agencies like Vice media and New York Times. Moreover, you can find photoreal people and places. This VR app is free and has no ads.

Full Dive VR

Top VR Apps Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality

It is a VR portal and it offers a lot of content. It includes 3D, Panaroma, 360, Games and VR movies with some other apps. Also, you can use internet, YouTube Videos, cartoons and many other things in this top VR App. You can use this app on cardboard and daydream. You can play more than a million videos and 500 plus games. Moreover, you can take pictures in VR.

Mozaik 3D – VR Learning App

mozaik3D - Learning is fun

This is an educational interactive VR app. It explains the topics like history, geography, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and science with more than 1300 educational 3D scenes. So, this top VR app enhance the learning experience with visual engagements. It is available in many international languages. So, get this top educational VR app and enhance your learning with joy.

Bacteria Interactive Educational VR 3D

Bacteria interactive educational VR 3D

This VR app is also by Mozaik and it is an educational 3D app. It is mainly focused on biology. This top VR app includes a variety of shapes like rods and spirals with 3D animations to study the bacteria. Also, it is and interactive 3D app and available in many international languages.

Nature Treks VR

Top VR Apps Nature Treks VR

In this VR app you can explore the natural environments. Also, you can explore outer space or under water oceans. This amazing VR app can evoke some specific emotional states with the help of its audio visualizations and colored theme environments. So, get this app on steam and dive into the ocean of joy.


ExpeditionsPro VR Tours

This VR app gets you through the different journeys and you can explore different VR objects. Also, this app is mostly used for educational purposes or curated tours of historical museums and landmarks. You can use this app for classroom content. You can add annotations and it can work offline without the internet.

Daydream – Top VR Apps

Top VR Apps Day Dream

These are the top VR apps developed by the Google.  These include different games and apps that provide you high quality VR content. It allows users to explore new worlds and games with immersive experience.

InCell VR

InCell VR (Cardboard)

This is a unique racing and action game in VR. It takes you into the human cell and its micro world. This top VR app combined the science and strategy elements.

VirtualSpeech – VR Courses


This Virtual Reality app helps you to improve speaking skills in public. It puts you on a virtual stage with the audience of virtual world. Also, this virtual reality app has different courses with real time feedback.

Google Carboard

Cardboard Top VR Apps

This is an affordable method to experience the VR world. It includes many different demos like Exhibit and Photo Sphere.


VeeR VR - Immersive Edition

This virtual reality app has a big library of interactive documentaries, animations and movies. Also, it has content from Warner Brother and the Gates foundation.

VR Haunted House 3D

VR Haunted House 3D

This a horror VR app with house that is haunted and has different levels. Also, it has many realistic effects especially for horror fans.

VR Crazy Swing – TOP VR APPS

VR Crazy Swing

This top virtual reality app has a big collection of VR games. These games include horror, space and many other genres all free of cost.


VR Space Virtual Reality 360

You can go on a virtual tour of stars and planets with breathtaking views in this app. Also, you will not need any controllers or touch for this VR app.

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Market growth of VR industry.

The industry of Virtual Reality has a significant growth in market and shares with 15% of annual growth rate. The Oculus Quest 2 is dominant in this race. Trends are high for connection free VR devices in the market. These top VR apps and these devices shows the potential and the market and users in the future. With the passage of time, these VR devices will become more user friendly. So, get these apps and devices and dive into the amazing world of virtual reality.

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