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In this modern age, there are a lot of people & users who use 3D Avatars on social media or for other purposes. 3D Avatars are like digital representations of someone. It’s difficult sometimes to get 3D Avatar Maker which is free & without a watermark. In this article, we bring the top 3D Avatar Maker free for our readers.

Media.io 3D Avatar Maker

Media io 3D Avatar Maker free

If you are looking for something simple & easy to transform ordinary pictures into an amazing 3D avatar, then Media.io 3D Avatar Maker will be a perfect option. This 3D Avatar Maker lets you create a character from any type of photo. Also, it uses advanced (AI) artificial intelligence to convert your photos into a 3D model with facial and body features. In simple words, you can upload your photo before customizing the emotions as angry, sad, happy, surprised, and many more. Also, this amazing 3D Avatar maker is completely free.

You can transform uploaded photos into stunning avatars quickly that mimic your appearance. This avatar maker can turn your selfies into different types of avatars and you will be amazed with its incredible results.

It is the best-known artificial intelligence-based 3D avatar maker in the market. Moreover, it features a complex algorithm that automatically turn uploaded photos into avatars quickly and efficiently. It will save your time and energy.

Moreover, it is a reliable & free photo to avatar converter. It has a secure SSL (HTTPS) certificate that protects your privacy by erasing your personal information.

Step 1. Avatar Style Selection

Open Media.io avatar maker in your browser. It provides a lot of popular avatar designs and templates to help you keep up with the latest trend. So, select your styles, then click on “Confirm” button to make the avatar. AI 3D avatar maker will take a few seconds to convert your photo into an avatar.

Step 2. Uploading Photos

Click the “Upload Images” to upload local images or drag & drop your photos into the it.

Step 3. Download

After completion, click the “Download” button to get result. It is very easy to use. So, start to use this free AI 3D avatar maker and change your digital profile avatar.

Main Features:

  • Totally Free.
  • Avatar category like barbie, comic, or Disney.
  • Transform any type of photo into an avatar.
  • Change the facial expressions.
  • Download 3D avatar in PNG.


Peeps Avatar Maker

This is a Top 3D Avatar maker and has a free version. So, with this, it’s easy to make a 3D avatar without a watermark. Also, you can use this 3D Avatar maker directly online on the website. You can make amazing 3D avatars for your social media posts, profiles, commercial projects or personal projects. Moreover, this 3D Avatar maker is very simple & easy to use.

Pros & Features:

You can use & add the following elements in your avatar:

  • Eyebrows
  • Expression
  • Head
  • Sunglasses
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Clothes
  • Tattoo

Also, these amazing features & elements have 286,654,464 possibilities to make an avatar with unique qualities which is pretty amazing. So, for a 3D avatar maker which is free, it’s a big deal.

How to use:

  1. Go to the website of Peeps on the given link.
  2. Select the color for your avatar & there are only two options available.
  3. Customize & make your avatar with options given like Head, and Expression.
  4. Experiment with different combinations & different elements until you make the avatar good.
  5. When you finish making an avatar, just click on download. It will save the avatar to your device. Also, you can save or download your avatar in two different formats JPG or PNG format.
  6. In the end, you can use the Randomize button; this option will make different combinations automatically to make an avatar.


  • More flexibility is needed in skin tones.

Overall, Peeps is a 3D Avatar maker for free & a very easy-to-use application without a watermark.

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