O.J. Simpson died 76 NFL iveals


The American footballer, star and actor, O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted sensationally of murdering his Ex-wife in 1995, called trial of the century, at the age of 76, died. On a social media post, O.J. Simpson’s family said that he died after a battle with cancer on Wednesday.

A Short Life Story of O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson NFL Player iveals

O.J. Simpson was not found guilty in stabbing death of his wife and her friend in LA, back in 1994. However, in a civil lawsuit, he found responsible for the death.

O.J. Simpson served 9 years in prison of Nevada after being convicted back in 2008 on twelve counts of armed kidnapping and robbery of 2 sports dealers in a hotel of Las Vegas.

O.J. Simpson’s nickname was “The Juice”. Also, he was the most famous and the best athletes of 1960s and 70s. He overcame his infirmity of childhood and become an electrifying running back in his university and won the Trophy of Heisman as a Top football player of the college.

With Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers, he had a record-breaking career, then he gets into the Hall of Fame of the Pro Football. He became the 1st NFL player to rush for more than two thousand yards and retired in 1979.

His “dream team” did not represent him the trial of civil court due to that the burden of proof was lower than in a trial of criminal. Also, new evidence hurt O.J. Simpson. It includes his pictures of wearing same shoes matched with the footprints of the murder scene.

After exactly 13 years of his acquittal in the trial of the murder, he was convicted on charges of kidnapping and robbery by LA jury. These are from 2007 incidents of a casino accusing him stealing sports memorabilia from 2 dealers.

O.J. Simpson, in 2017, released on parole and moved to LA in a gated community. Also, he was granted an early bale due to his good behavior at the age of 74.

Also, a documentary on his journey of life won Oscar in 2016. In 1967, he married his 1st wife and had 3 children. One child drowned at the age of 2 in the swimming pool. Then they divorced after this incident.

O.J. Simpson met his wife of the future when she was 17 and a waitress. Also, they married in 1985 and had 2 kids. However, they have incidents of spousal abuse but he was pleaded no contest in 1989.

So, the life of O.J. Simpson has many ups and downs and can be lesson for many.

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